Photo Services (photo retouching, photo editing, montage, scanning)
(minimum charge 1 hour)

Graphics, Artwork & Desktop Publishing
£35 /hour
(minimum charge 1 hour)

Web Site Design
£35/hour or £225/day
(minimum charge £200 - including preparation time and up to 5 hours design work)

Web Site Updates
£35/hour or £225/day
(minimum charge £95 - including preparation and the first 2 hours work)




Technical Writing

Document Editing: document structuring, document layout or problem solving.
£25 - £35/hour,
depending on the nature of the work.


These are typical rates.
Charges may vary depending on the exact requirements and length of the job.

Please contact us to confirm costs or to obtain a quote.

There is minimum charge for most work (usually 1 hour, unless stated otherwise).