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Tim Spurgeon Photography - New web site design
Complete new web site, including designing a site template, creating photo based designs for the web site, and creating image galleries.

Tim Spurgeon Photography Web Site Design


Aircraft Value Analysis - Web site re-design.
Taking much of the content from the client's original web site, but re-designing and re-formatting it. This included creating a new page layout with consistent design and consistent navigation throughout the site, adding new images and graphics, and other new content.
The aim was to create a simple and functional web site design, which the client could easily update and add to.

Examples below:
Left: new home page and new services page.  Right: original home page

avac web site design

Amanda Fox - New web site design.
Complete new web site design, including designing graphics for the site.

Amanda Fox


Harris & Associates - New web site design
Complete new web site design. This was a large complex web site with multi-level and multi-section navigation . The work included designing site templates for each section of the web site, sourcing photographs, creating web graphics, and adding and formatting all content.

Harris & Associates web site



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Design Training

Design Training web site